Factors for Alpha Generation/Risk Analysis

The market has experienced a regime change in the factors that matter. Traditional fundamental and technical factors no longer account for the increasing impact that crowding by hedge funds and other market participants, have on the risk/return of securities. Symmetric’s Factor Data Feed enables investors to access the world’s most sophisticated crowding factor dataset. The holdings data feed allows users to build upon our work by manipulating the underlying data set.

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Factor Feed

Symmetric has pioneered a number of holder based crowding factors that help investors better quantify their exposure to other market participants involved in a security:

  • Hedge Fund Crowding & Consensus: measures of hedge fund concentration and ownership diversity
  • Cohort Based Crowding: A measure of crowding driven by different classifications of funds. These classifications include Tiger Cubs, Event Driven Managers, Activists, Quants, Healthcare focused Funds, Tech Focused Funds, Multi-Manager platforms, etc. Research shows that securities crowded by different types of holders have different risk/return characteristics.
  • Holder Stress Factor: Symmetric's proprietary holders stress factor classifies securities where the holders are under stress in their portfolios and can help predict future de-risking behaviour by those market participants.

    Holdings Feed

    The Symmetric Holdings Data Feed provides clients with direct data access to the historical 13-F data. Users can use the holdings feed to build upon our factor work, or perform their own research. Key attributes:

  • Survivorship unbiased
  • Point in Time Accurate
  • Entity-Linked across filer name/id changes
  • Holder categorizations by investor-type / cohort. Classifications are survivorship unbiased
  • Commonly used identifiers: Ticker, Bloomberg OpenFigi, etc



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