Buying into an actively managed investment fund is a decision to invest in skill, not the market. It requires a fundamental belief in a manager's ability to deliver returns that are unique to their investment process and commensurate with the fees charged.

If that's the case, however, why is there so little information on an investor's skill?

Returns data provides past performance. Having access to consultants can help complete the picture and many allocators rely on personal networks to attest to an investor's acumen. However these are specialized and inaccessible resources.

We designed Symmetric to make investors' skills transparent and accessible to everyone.


David Moon is Managing Director of Symmetric. He was a member of the founding team of Gerson Lehrman Group ( |, where he drove the development, management, marketing and sales of the expert network and various alternative data products over the course of eleven years in the US, Europe and Asia. He cofounded, an analytics and alternative data provider to the investment management industry and founded the CFO Roundtable, the premier network for CFOs in venture and growth markets. Investments include Lockstep, Recorded Future, Cube Software, Burrow, Manscaped, Tire Agent, Dos Toros/Founders Table, Topia, among others. Previously, he was EIR at EY, where he drove business development and digital transformation and headed the Financial Services business for Recorded Future (acquired by Insight Partners).

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